Part #Item Description
S962" Letters & Numbers (1/16" poly)
S973" Letters & Numbers (1/16" poly)
S984" Letters
S994" Numbers
S1006" Letters
S1016" Numbers
S101A8" Letters
S101B8" Numbers
S10210" Numbers
S102A10" Letters
S10312" Numbers
S10412" Letters
S104A18" Letters
S104b18" Numbers
S10524" Numbers
S10624" Letters
S10736" Letters
S107A36" Numbers
S10848" Numbers
S108A48" Letters
S108B48" x 10" Wide Letters "B,I,K,E,L,A,N,E,O,N,L,Y,X,I,N,G" any single letter or combination of
S10972" Letters
S109A72" Numbers
S11096" Letters with 6" stroke
S110A96" Letters with 4" stroke
S110B96" Numbers with 6" stroke
S110C96" Numbers with 4" stroke
S111Handicap Symbol (24x36x2" stroke)
S111AHandicap Symbol (33x42x2-3/4" stroke)
S111BBox for Handicap Symbols (40x45")
S111CHandicap Symbol (36x42x3-1/2" stroke)
S111DHandicap Symbol (H 24-1/2xW 22")
S112Handicap Symbol (12x18x1-1/4" stroke)
S112AHandicap Symbol w/border (20x32")
S112B22" Combination 3 pc. Arrow Kit
S1136' Straight Arrow (2 piece)
S1146' Curved Arrow (2 piece)
S1156' Arrow with Curved and Straight Tails (3 piece)
S115A5' Straight Arrow (1 piece)
S115B5' Curved Arrow (1 piece)
S115C3 pc. Arrow Kit
S1165' "R" for rail road crossing (2'x5'x6" stroke)
S116A6' Federal Spec "R" for Rail Road Crossing (1'x6'x3" stroke)
S116B6'6" "R" for rail road - Penn DOT Special
S1176' "R" for rail road crossing (2'x6'x6" stroke)
S117A"X" for rail road crossing
S117B"X" for rail road crossing - Penn DOT Special
S118Federal Curved Arrow
S118AFederal Combo Tail
S119Federal Straight Arrow
S119APenn DOT Curved Arrow
S119BPenn DOT Straight Arrow
S119C3 pc. Large Arrow Kit
S119DStraight Arrow
S119ECurve Arrow
S119FStraight Arrow
S119GCurve & Straight Arrow Combination
S119HStraight Outline Arrow
S119ICurved Outline Arrow
S119J3 pc. Large Arrow Kit
S119KSet Straight & Curved Arrow
S119LFed U-Turn Arrow
S119MFED: Lane Reduction Arrow
S120Stop Bar (8'x16")
S120AStop Bar (8'x24")
S121Stop Bar (8'x12")
S122Stop Bar (8'x6")
S123Stop Bar (8'x4")
S123ABarricade Stripe (6"x72")
S123BBicycle Loop (17"x43")
S124Fire Hydrant Symbol w/Arrow (18"x33")
S124AChild Running (25"x48")
S124BBike Lane Symbol (17"x33")
S125Maltese Cross Symbol (37"x37")
S125APedestrian Crossing Symbol (36"x60")
S125BBike Lane Symbol (24"x48")
S125CHopscotch Board w/Numbers (96"x24")
S125DBike Lane Symbol w/Arrow
S125EHopscotch Board w/Numbers (36"x104")
S126Bike Lane Symbol (40"x60")
S126ABike Trail Symbol (65"x40")
S126B"No Bicycle" Symbol 42" Diameter
S126CBicycle Diamond 36"x72"
S126D10" Senior
S12710" Manager
S127A10" Handicap
S12810" Loading
S128A10" Customer
S12910" Stand
S13010" Asst
S13110" Chief
S131A10" Stop
S13210" Fire
S13310" Lane
S13410" Zone
S13510" Taxi
S13610" Mgr.
S13710" Doctor
S13810" President
S13910" Reserved (condensed)
S139A10" Reserved
S139B10" Parking
S14010" Vice
S140A10" Only
S14110" Visitor
S141A10" Compact
S141B10" Cars
S141C6" Parking
S141D6" Only
S1426" No Parking
S142A6" Compact
S142B10" One Way (1 piece)
S14310" No Parking
S1446" Handicap
S145Multi-Purpose Arrow (straight 22")
S146Multi-Purpose Arrow (curved 24")
S146B6" Stop-Look (1 piece)
S1476" No Skateboarding
S1486" No Diving
S148A6" No Running
S1496" Visitor
S1506" Exit
S150A6" Accessible
S150B6" Van
S150C6" Loading
S1516" No Smoking
S151A6" Reserved
S151BFootball Yard Marker
S15236" Football Field Kit - roman style (0,1,2,3,4,5,G)
S152A72" Football Field Kit - roman style (0,1,2,3,4,5,G)
S152B36" Running Track Kit - 1-8 & Markers
S152CShuffle Board Kit - includes numbers set & word OFF
S15312" No
S15412" Parking
S15512" Fire
S15612" Lane
S15712" Zone
S157A12" Compact
S157B12" Loading
S157C12" Stop
S157D12" Thru
S157E12" Drive
S15812" Reserved
S158A12" Customer
S15912" Visitor
S159A12" Do
S159B12" Not
S16012" Enter
S16112" Exit
S16212" Only
S162A4" No Skateboarding
S162B4" No Diving
S162C4" No Running
S162D4" No Rollerblading
S1634" No Parking
S163A4" Customer
S163B4" Only
S163C4" Parking
S163D4" Compact
S163E4" Resident
S163F4" Guest
S1644" Reserved
S1654" Visitor
S1664" Fire
S1674" Lane
S167A4" Loading
S167B4" Wait for Walk Sign (1 piece)
S1684" Zone
S168A4" Min.
S168B4" Manager
S168C4" Handicap
S1698" Senior
S1708" Manager
S170A8" Customer
S1718" Loading
S171A8" Only
S1728" Stand
S1738" Asst.
S1748" Chief
S1758" Fired
S1768" Lane
S1778" Zone
S1788" Taxi
S1798" MGR
S1808" Doctor
S1818" President
S1828" Reserved
S1838" Vice
S1848" Visitor
S1858" Compact
S1868" Cars
S1878" No Parking
S187A8" Parking
S1888" Handicap
S188A9" Slow Speed (1 piece)
S188B9" No Parking (1 piece)
S18918" No
S19018" Parking
S19118" Fire
S19218" Zone
S19318" Lane
S19418" Only
S19518" One
S19618" Way
S196A18" Do
S196B18" Not
S19718" Drive
S19818" Thru
S198A18" Exit
S198B18" Enter
S198C18" Stop
S198D18" In
S198E18" Out
S19924" No
S20024" Parking
S200A24" Do
S200B24" Not
S20124" Fire
S20224" Lane
S20324" Zone
S20424" Enter
S20524" Exit
S20624" Drive
S20724" Thru
S20824" Loading
S20924" One
S21024" Way
S210A24" Stop
S210B24" Only
S210C24" Slow
S210D24" Ahead
S2116" Loading
S2126" Zone
S2136" Lane
S2146" Fire
S214A6" Golf Cart
S214BRoller Blading, Inline Skating Symbol
S215Pool Kit - includes seven (7) one-piece legends, 4" number set, and four (4) 9" symbols
S215AStork Symbol (1/16" Poly)
S215BBaby Carriage Symbol (1/16" Poly)
S215CYield Lines: specify 12"x18", 16"x24", or 24"x36"
S216Buckle Up! - includes symbol 96"x28" and legend 96"x10"
S21748" No (1 piece)
S217A48" Lane (1 piece)
S217B48" Ahead (2 piece)
S21848" Slow (1 piece)
S21948" Yield (1 piece)
S22048" Stop (1 piece)
S22148" Exit (1 piece)
S22248" Drive (1 piece)
S22348" Do (1 piece)
S22448" Thru (1 piece)
S22548" Not (1 piece)
S22648" Only (1 piece)
S227A48" Enter (1 piece)
S227BADA Symbol w/No Parking
S228ADA Symbol w/Van Accessible
S229ADA Symbol w/Handicap Parking
S230Crosswalk Bars
S231Line Stencil
S232California Loops
S233Wheel Stop Overspray Kit
S234Recycle Symbol: specify 12", 16", 18", 24", 36", 48"
S235Recycle Kit, 2" letters (5 pieces)
S236Recycle Kit, 4" letters (5 pieces)
S237Recycle Kit, 6" letters (5 pieces)
S238Giant Economy Starte Kit Includes: 1 set 8" (0-9), 1 set 8" (A-Z), 1 each 9" Slow Speed No Parking, 1 each Reserved ADA Symbol, 1 each 10" One Way, 1 each 19" In/Out, 1 each Arrowheads, 1 each Curve & Straight Tails
S239Wheel Stop Stencils 2 3/4" letters (specify legend)
S239ANo Parking Symbol
S239BNo Skate Boards
S240Fuel Identification Stencils (specify legend) (1/16" Poly)
S241Parks & Recreation Stencils (specify legend) (1/16" Poly)
S24221 piece Stencil Kit (1/16" Poly)
S243Economy Kit Includes: 1 set 9" (0-9), 1 set 9" (A-Z), 1 each 9" Slow Speed/No Parking, 1 each 10" One Way, 1 each 19" letters In/Out, 1 each Arrowhead w/20" arrow stems, 1 each 31"x19" Disabled Access Symbol
S244Emergency Exit & Enter with Arrows (specify legend)
S245Trash Receptical Symbol
S246No Roller Blading Symbol
S247Shared Bicycle Lane
S248Biking Awareness Symbol
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