RoadLazer RoadPack System is a modular hydraulic truck-mounted striping system built for the professional road striping contractor. It is available in eight “ready-to-stripe” systems or can be custom designed by users.

24G677RPS option 1
1-pump, Single Hitch Mount
24G679RPS Option 2
1-Pump, Single Hitch, Camera
24G681RPS Option 3
1-Pump, Slide-in Mount
24G683RPS Option 4
1-pump, Slide-in Mount, Camera
24G685RPS Option 5
2-pump, Single Hitch Mount
24G687RPS Option 6
2-pump, Single Hitch, Camera
24G689RPS Option 7
2-pump, Slide-in Mount
24G691RPS Option 8
2-pump, Slide-in Mount, Camera
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Small unit foot print (39.5 in x 49.5 in) to fit many different vehicles
  • Comes complete and ready to assemble — less than 3 hours in most cases
  • Plug and Play electronics
  • Larger 450 lb Bead Tank
  • Simple to use Striping Control Box with six custom preset controls and larger screen to view the job progress
  • Simple to use Front Guide System
  • Gallon counter now standard
  • Heavy-duty air compressor with 2.2 gallon accumulation air tank
  • “Snake Skin” hose wraps
  • CARB Tier III and EPA Phase 3 evaporative gas tank, gas lines, carbon canister and venting to engine
  • Double acting paint and bead guns — proven performers for years
  • Gun Arm System — use it on left or right side of vehicle for ultimate flexibility
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