Krylon® Industrial, the leader in innovative solutions offers you Quik-Mark™ Solvent-Based and Water-Based Inverted Marking Paints and Chalks. With our advanced UV resistant formulas you can mark your lines during harsh or adverse conditions. Even in extreme sun Quik-Mark™ advanced UV resistant formulas will not fade to a different color!

A complete line of paints, speciality coatings, applicators, and measuring devices that are made specifically to meet a variety of marking requirements.

Aervoe Marking Wands

  • Constructed of durable, rugged plastic and lightweight steel
  • Comfortable pistol grip for easy handling and marking

K7095 Spotter Hand-Held Wand (12″ Length)
K7096 Wheeler Hand-Held Wand (34″ Length)
K7098 Can Holster

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