Ideal for removing traffic paint, thermoplastic, epoxy coating, and smoothing uneven surfaces — with extra power for inlay and grooving.

571260GrindLazer 630 (Bare)
571261GrindLazer 630, 10 in Cut, 12 Point Beam, Steel Complete, 204 Cutters, 114 Spacers
571262GrindLazer 630, 10 in Cut, 8 Point Flail Complete,138 Cutters, 150 Spacers
571263GrindLazer 630, 10 in Cut, 8 Point Fine Finish Complete, 174 Cutters, 90 Spacers
571264GrindLazer 630, 10 in Cut, 8 Point Full Cut Complete, 138 Cutters, 162 Spacers
571265GrindLazer 630, 10 in Cut, 6 Point Miller Complete, 54 Cutters, 66 Spacers
571267GrindLazer 630, 5 in Cut, 5 Point Diamond Complete, 19 Blades, 42 Spacers
571266GrindLazer 630, 10 in Cut, 5 Point Diamond Complete, 38 Blades, 41 Spacers

Extreme-Duty ProStart System

  • Centrifugal clutch allows easy start and shut off of cutters, providing one of the safest units on the market today.
  • Easy to start in cold weather
  • Eliminates broken recoils
  • Provides longer belt life

InstaCut Technology

  • Only unit to offer “hands-on” engagement of the cutting deck system for up or down position.
  • Provides ultimate exibility for removal and inlay
  • No-tool system
  • Allows deck to “float” when on uneven surfaces

Ease-Z-Steer Handle Bar System

  • Makes turning and handling as simple as a LineLazer
  • Fully adjustable handles for all size users
  • Reduces vibration

LineDriver Required
GrindLazer 630 with Reverse/”Up-Cut” cutting direction requires the use of a LineDriver Propel System. The GrindLazer 630 unit cannot operate without a LineDriver due to the ProStart Safety Switch Interlock System.


Maximum Cut Width IN (CM)10 (25)
Cut DirectionReverse/"Up-Cut"
Removal Rate (Ride)2100 sq ft/hr
Vanguard Engine CC (HP)630 (21.0)
Weight LB (KG)340 (154)
Prostart SystemExtreme Duty
Air CleanerDonaldson Heavy-Duty
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